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PoolMarker™ is specifically designed to clearly mark swimming pool systems for easy and safe operation. PoolMarker enables you to prominently and professionally label and number swimming pool systems with step by step instructions for each pool feature or function. PoolMarkers are manufactured from the same tough, noncorrosive, nonconductive, chemical resistant PVC as the pool system. No installation tools are needed. Installation is a snap!

USES: Make pool operation a breeze. Get your pool system under control in residential, scholastic, institutional, and hotel settings. Give your system an organized professional appearance.

Where'd the notes go?
Which pipe going into the pump draws from the main drain?
Which pipe draws from the scuppers?
Which valve operates the cleaner?
Which valve controls jets by the steps?
Which controls the jets on the side?
Which operates the fountain?
Which operates the heater?
Which controls the spa?
What is the water flow direction in a pipe?

PoolMarkers™ clearly label swimming pool pump and valve systems for easy operation, including which pool valve operates which pool feature, water flow direction, and circuit purpose. With PoolMarkers in place, anyone can operate the system by reference to the instructions on the PoolMarkers.

The durable vinyl labels will not rub off or bleach off.

PoolMarkers enable you to clearly specify step by step instructions for each pool feature or function.

On residential systems, intermittent use results in a lack of familiarity. On occasion someone who is not familiar with the pool system may need to operate it. Regular users sometimes can't recall what does what, what goes where, which valve operates what, especially if they haven't operated the system in a while and have other more important things competing for their attention.

PoolMarkers make your system look great for your friends.

On complex commercial, hotel, or scholastic pool systems, employees usual have several different systems to run in addition to the pool system, each having its own different steps, creating the likelihood of mistakes. Additionally, employee turnover breeds unfamiliarity and loss of knowledge. Both instances and can result in damage and other costs attendant to improper operation. Further, many system steps involve the inter-related operation of several valves and pipe circuits. Hand written notes on the pipes always wear or bleach off.

You can easily:

  • show which pool line draws from which drain
  • avoid burst pipes
  • spell out the operational steps of solar heating, fountains, etcetera.
  • avoid burned out pump motors, and shortened equipment life
  • indicate which pool valve operates which pool feature
  • label which valve or switch to turn on or off to perform a specific action such as (1) turn on/off the heater, (2) turn on/off the spa, (3) turn on/off certain water jets
  • show the flow direction in a line
  • and many other necessities
Color(s) White
Label Plate™ Size(s)

2.50" wide, including curved edges (flat label area is 2.40")

3.50" high (flat label area is 3.50")

Fits Pipe, Sizes (O. D.)

1 1/2"


Special Usage Note

The 1-1/2" size is designed to flex and fit both 1-1/2" PVC pipe and its couplings

The 2" size is designed to flex and both 2" PVC pipe and its couplings



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